Circles in the Sand

Circles in the Sand Father's Day at Bandon Beach

In Bandon, I’m only familiar with closed-off parking lots and parked-up streets from the 4th of July. But this Sunday – the American Father’s Day – the whole South Coast was at Bandon Beach. The artists from Circles in the Sand went all out today: under the motto Share Love – Show Love – Be Love, they created another of their masterpieces in the sand.

How does it work?

The artists need about two hours to draw the labyrinth-like paths in the sand. Starting at 11 a.m., all visitors were invited to walk the path in the sand. At the beginning of the meditative walk, one receives a small stone from the Circles team, on which one transfers the acquired positive energy during the walk. So at the end of the walk, which takes about 20 minutes, you not only have a nice memento, but your own positive energy to touch. Today, most of the drawings along the way were in the spirit of Father’s Day…


When can I participate in Circles in the Sand?

There will be many more days to walk one of the sand trails between now and mid-August. You can find more information, merchandize and the Circles in the Sand blog here. Watch the weather and bring sunscreen or windbreakers – Circles in the Sand is art right on the beach! Check out the list below for more dates this year: